Yokohama International School presents

The Networked Educator

An EARCOS Weekend Workshop led by Chris Betcher and Kim Cofino, 17 - 18 September 2011

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Would you like to learn from a network of like-minded educators in your field - anytime, anywhere - for free? Building, developing and maintaining a personal learning network can have a profound impact on your teaching, make connections you never thought were possible, and prepare you for the rapidly changing future of learning. Unleash the power of networked learning in your classroom!

Participants will explore new and innovative technologies, current research, and evidence about networked learning through engaging collaborative activities. Examples of networked learning “in action” using tools like Twitter, RSS, podcasts, blogs, and Diigo will also be shared in this hands-on, project-based, weekend workshop.

Featuring the amazing and inspirational classroom practitioner, Chris Betcher, all the way from Sydney, Australia, this workshop will focus on practical ways to utilize a wide variety of free technology tools to develop a personal learning network that will transform your professional practice and open your eyes to new possibilities in the classroom!

If you're interested in attending this workshop and will be in the Tokyo/Yokohama area on September 17 - 18, 2011, please join us!

Enduring Understandings

As a result of this workshop, participants will:
  • Understand the power of networked learning, both for teachers and students.
  • Begin building (or continue expanding) their own Personal Learning Network using tools like Twitter, blogs, RSS, Diigo, podcasts, Ning and Skype.
  • Explore the future of learning, through the use of innovative technology tools, and examples of current and upcoming projects.
  • Develop a unit or lesson featuring networked learning opportunities that can be implemented in their classroom immediately.
  • Be inspired to try new technologies in your classroom like Scratch, screen-casting, geo-caching and augmented reality.
  • Connect with interested and enthusiastic colleagues from around the region, and the world.
  • Experience a hands-on workshop model where student-centered, project-based learning is fully integrated with a technology-rich environment. The strategies, structures and techniques in this model are easily applied to the classroom setting.

Please share your feedback with us about the workshop so that we can improve. Thank you!

NEW: Kim's pictures from our weekend together:

Wow! Read all of the tweets from the whole 2 days of the workshop here (created with Tweetdoc!)

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