Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a great way to start creating connections. By sharing your favorite links with a group, and having other people share theirs with you, you start to build a web of connections as you develop a set of interesting web resources at the same time.

There are several useful sites for managing your bookmarks, but the most popular and useful right now seems to be Diigo. As well as allowing you to securely save and store your favorite websites, Diigo offers web highlighting, group sharing and more.

Here's some more information about Diigo

Diigo also offers a special premium account to educators at no charge. Details at

There is also a Diigo app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Your task:
  1. Create your own Diigo account
  2. Install the Diigo browser add on for your favorite browser
  3. Join the YIS TNE group by going to and clicking the Join this Group button
  4. Find 3 - 5 resources about education that you think might be of interest, and add these to the yistne Diigo group
  5. Take a look at the blog post at Leave a couple of comments using the Highlighter or Sticky Note feature of Diigo. Make sure you set them to be shared with the yistne group!

How could you use this with your classes?