Google Apps

The tools within Google Apps provide great opportunities for collaborative learning and working. You can think of Google Apps as a Microsoft Office suite online - always available no matter what computer you're using. You can create documents from any computer and then access them again from any other computer. Of course, you can also share documents with anyone anywhere to facilitate collaboration.

Google Apps includes:
  • Docs
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Drawings
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Groups

Here's a quick overview of the tools:

Some ideas:

Your Task
  1. As you're learning, let's take some collaborative notes and document some of the ways you can use Google Apps (either in class or for personal productivity).
  2. Create collections for your Docs (or labels or filters for your email) so that you can keep them organized
  3. Create a contacts group for all students or parents in your class
  4. Create a survey for your students to provide feedback about your class